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A significant BREAKTHROUGH in how dentures are made.  Introducing One-Hour, one visit denture.



Without the need for an outside lab, our dentures are designed to offer a very efficient way to fabricate full dentures, immediate dentures and implant overdentures.   Our technique was developed after many years of research and development with three awarded patents.  They have been used by dental professionals, dental schools, and philanthropic dental missions for over 15 years in the United States and throughout the world. 

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Our Procedures

It is so easy to deploy in your office:  quick and easy training, with no special equipment required.

Complete Dentures

The 1-hour denture is a highly customizable denture option that offers several benefits to patients and dentists. Made from a thermoplastic preformed base and high-quality Myerson Kenson teeth, the denture is available in five sizes and is easily moldable for a precise fit. It’s durability and hypoallergenic material make it a long-lasting and comfortable option for patients. Its customizable teeth and natural-looking appearance make it a top choice for those who desire a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Dentists appreciate its ease of use, as the denture can be quickly and efficiently customized for the patient. <More>

Immediate Dentures

Consider the 1-hour denture if you need comfortable and durable dentures. This thermoplastic preformed denture with Myerson Kenson teeth is easy to customize and available in five sizes. The denture base is moldable to a model of the patient’s arch using the provided boiling pot, allowing for a precise fit. The 1-hour denture is also hypoallergenic and biocompatible, making it a great option for those with sensitivities or allergies. Its durable thermoplastic material reduces the need for repairs or replacements. The 1-hour denture offers natural-looking teeth and a shorter turnaround time, making it a practical choice <More>

Implant Overdentures

The 1-hour technique is a cost-effective way for dentists to incorporate immediate load implants and stabilize lower dentures efficiently. The Larell 1-hour dentures are custom-made with Myerson Kenson teeth and a thermoplastic base, allowing for a customized fit. With over 40 million people in the United States currently needing dentures, incorporating the L1-hour technique and 1-hour dentures can enhance a dental practice while providing essential services to patients. This technique allows for a stable lower denture to be completed in about two hours, providing patients with a more secure fit and dentists with a more efficient solution. <More>

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Over 40 million people in the US currently need dentures with 2-3 million more needing them each year.  This is an excellent way to enhance and grow your practice efficiently, profitably, and provide the services so many people need and desire.